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Hand gliding death inquest begins today

The inquest into the death of a teenager who died in a hang gliding crash in Derbyshire is expected to begin today.

Sixteen year-old Lois Preston was making a solo flight at Darley Moor in Ashbourne when she crashed in October 2011.

Lois Preston was taking part in a training exercise.

In a report carried out by the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB), it was revealed that the length of the tow line being used was just below the minimum length specified and that "this reduced the pilot's margin for error and meant any angular deviations would develop more quickly."

AAIB reported that her hang glider rolled to the left as she was being towed by a light aircraft. The tow line was released but Lois could not recover from the loss of control and crashed into the ground nose first.

The report also found no defects with the tug aircraft or the hang glider that could have contributed to the accident.

The report added that following the crash the British Hang gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA), had "initiated an in-depth review of aerotowing procedures and is also reviewing its audit and inspection processes".

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