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Stafford victim's parents: 'Don't let what happened to our son happen again'

John Moore-Robinson, aged 20 Photo: Family photo

Many people who lost relatives because of the Stafford Hospital scandal now want the Government to make sure it never happens again at other NHS hospitals.

Among them are the parents of 20-year-old John Moore-Robinson from Leicestershire, who died after a cycling accident on Cannock Chase almost seven years ago.

John Moore-Robinson, aged 20 Credit: Family photo

Frank and Janet Robinson say they are angry that despite millions of pounds being spent on inquiries, parts of the national health service remain in, what they describe as, "a terrible mess".

In an emotional interview, John's mother said: "I feel dreadful. It has affected my health. It has ruined my life. I think about John every single day. And I get upset nearly every day. My stomach knots. And I will be like this until the day I die."

"I think about John every single day. And I get upset nearly every day."

– John's mother, Janet

John was taken to Stafford Hospital by ambulance - but staff failed to diagnose he had a ruptured spleen. He was sent home in agony and died within hours.

On the day of John's attendance at A & E, there were reportedly no consultants on duty.

His parents have been fighting for justice ever since. They fear serious problems remain across the NHS, despite the lessons that should have been learned from Stafford.

They want to see the hospital trust making sure that there are enough staff in hospitals.

John's father, Frank, said, he feels nothing has changed:

"It will be seven years in April since we lost our son. Seven years have been wasted in turning this massive and most important organisation around. So many millions of pounds have been spent on inquiries. So I just hope and pray that the Government take the bull by the horns and sort what is a terrible mess out. It needs to be sorted - and fast."

Relatives of patients involved in the report hold pictures of their loved ones Credit: PA

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