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Wintry 24 hours. Cold and windy.

Chilly sunset. Photo: Kevin Robinson

Tonight, we find that today's weather front is still over us and the next Atlantic system catches it up, so it's patchy rain, sleet and snow through the Central region overnight; with fairly prolonged rain, sleet and snow through the early hours.

The West Midlands will see mainly rain, the East Midlands, sleet. Snow is likely for the Peak District.A cold night, lows around freezing in places. Winds increasing through the night with lows around 3c under the new frontal system as it pulls in.

Tomorrow, a miserable, bleak start to Sunday. Breezy with cloud and rain which could prove quite heavy in the west. In the east, a bit of sleet mixed in with a real chance of snow over the Peak District.

Through Sunday afternoon, slightly colder air will blow in. In the north and east Midlands, the rain will turn to sleet and snow. To the SW of Birmingham it should stay as rain. Winds increase through the day and it will feel bleak.

The worst of any snow looks likely - at the moment - to fall between 6pm Sunday and midnight, and the risk is mostly through the North and East Midlands. After midnight the patchy snowfall should become increasingly light.

The Met Office have issued a yellow "Be Aware" warning but there is still some uncertainty over amounts as well as positioning. We will keep you posted

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