1. ITV Report

A few hours of locally heavy snowfall tonight.

Snowy birdbox, frosty cobwebs. Photo: Alan Johnson

A double weather warning has been issued for tonight. A yellow "Be Prepared" warning from the Met Office for snow from 8pm until midnight, then another yellow warning for ice after midnight as it becomes drier and temperatures fall.

For the rest of this afternoon, the rain showers will turn increasingly wintry, as they already have in the north and east of the Midlands. Feeling cold.

During the first half of the night, we expect four or five hours of locally heavy snow to fall, yielding 5 to10cm of snow in places, especially over hills. 2 to 5cm falling at lower levels, slushy at lower levels too. The worst period is expected to be from 8pm to midnight.

The snowfall eases after midnight, but as it does so, ice becomes a problem, temperatures around or just below freezing.

Tomorrow, it should turn increasingly drier with only one or two odd flurries remaining in the morning. A breezy day, but not as windy as today.

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