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Any more snow?

A snowy Chelmsley Wood in Stechford Photo: Tony Watson

Last night we recorded variable snow depths across the region and as you can see, the west of the Central patch came off better than the east.

  • Nottinghamshire - 5cm
  • Lincolnshire - 3cm
  • Shropshire - 2cm
  • Staffordshire - 2cm

It's a reversal of fortunes though over the next 24 hours, with barely any wintriness for the East Midlands, but a few more flurries likely for the extreme west and SW of the West Midlands.

The worst hit part of the country last night was Buckinghamshire with 13cm of snow.

Most of the snow is now disappearing across Central, and it becomes drier as we head towards the evening.

The River Ecclesbourne in Derbyshire Credit: Jenni Lumbard

So the first part of tonight will start dry and cloudy. A few breaks further east. But then the second area of rain, sleet and snow pushes in from the west after midnight and continues until 8am.

As the system progresses during the early hours, it continues away to the SE so ends up just skirting the SW of the West Midlands. There could be another 1cm of snow for the Cotswolds, but little to worry about elsewhere in terms of accumulations.

Lows of freezing or just below, so frost and ice are the main concerns for the East Midlands. And a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow showers after midnight for the west and SW of the West Midlands.

Quieter and drier tomorrow. Still cold!

Tonight: East Midlands Credit: ITV News Central
Tonight: West Midlands Credit: ITV News Central

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