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Wintry start, drier later but windy and cold.

One or two flurries remaining. Watch for ice. Photo: ITV Central

During the early hours of Monday morning, most of the snow showers should be dying out, but with bitter temperatures, watch for icy stretches. A yellow weather warning is in place for ice from midnight onwards.

One or two bits of sleet and snow will remain first thing on Monday morning, but what's left of the patchy snow should turn to rain or sleet through the afternoon.

Drier, but cold and breezy. Credit: ITV Central

It will turn drier then today, but it should remain cloudy, a cold moderte to fresh easterly wind blowing; not as strong as yesterday's, but still breezy.

Mainly dry, frosts by night, wintry midweek. Credit: ITV Central

Tuesday will be cloudy but dry with lighter winds. Chilly.

Wednesday starts dry. Rain from the west by lunchtime spreading to all parts, turning wintry over higher ground. Breezy.

Thursday, brighter, with odd rain showers. Still cool. Frost and ice by night this week.

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