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Cloudy start to the day

It's going to be a cloudy start to the day Photo: Ella Knight

After a slightly wintry night in the west and SW of the Midlands, things look much quieter today.

This morning starts cloudy with a few bits of rain, sleet and snow around. Drier further east.

There will be a few bits of rain across the Midlands this morning Credit: ITV News Central

This afternoon, largely dry but cloudy. Lincs might see brighter spells, as well as the odd wintry shower blowing in from the North Sea, temps only around 2 or 3c as opposed to the February average of 7 or 8c.

A dry but cloudy afternoon is in store for us across the region Credit: ITV News Central

Tonight we expect it to be cloudy, frosty and icy.

Then on Wednesday, an active system pulls in from the west bringing rain which will then turn to snow. It will start dry in the west in the morning, rain and snow pulling in late morning / lunchtime. Drier and cloudier further east, in fact the East Midlands should stay dry all day, but there will be snow for a time at low levels in the west.

Overnight, windy with cloud and rain at times into Thursday.

Rain clears SE'wards on Thursday morning so the day finishes dry with bright spells, though still fairly cloudy. Temperatures recovering to where they should be for the time of year, so feeling less cold.

Friday, mostly cloudy and dry. Patchy rain in the far east later, showers blowing into Lincs maybe.

Less cold by the end of the week but still a chilly weekend in store. A quieter end to the week, but changeable.

The outlook for the East Midlands Credit: ITV News Central
The outlook for the West Midlands Credit: ITV News Central

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