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Feeling Springlike – but not for long!

Crocus plants in Coventry Photo: William Round

Well what a beautiful weekend, perfect for pottering in the garden and long walks in the countryside. A brief respite from the cold, a touch of Spring.

By midweek however, we expect a sharp reminder that we are still in the middle of February, and Spring has definitely not yet sprung!

The rest of today will continue in a similar vein to yesterday, prolonged spells of sunshine, light winds, feeling pleasant in the sun, temps 7 to 9c, 48f at best. Cloudier in the extreme east of the Central region around the Lincs coast.

Nippy tonight because of those clear skies with an air frost and mist patches further south.

Then high pressure stays in charge all week, but its movement eastwards creates a cold SE'erly airflow, dragging in cold air from the near continent, strong winds and lots of cloud. That combination means that it will be dry but cloudy for the rest of the week, with a significant wind chill by the weekend.

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