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Harlem Shake dance craze sweeps the Midlands

Students at Nottingham University doing the Harlem Shake has already had thousands of hits online Photo: Nottingham University Christian Union

The latest viral dance craze taking the internet by storm has hit the Midlands. The Harlem Shake is the latest trend to captivate people across the world, with thousands of people recording their own dance and posting it on YouTube over the last two weeks.

The dance itself is believed to have originated in the 1980s in Harlem, New York. But when musician DJ Baaeur released a single called 'Harlem Shake' an amateur comedian made what is said to be the first video to be uploaded, just two weeks ago.

The dance begins with one person wearing a helmet dancing while everyone else acts as though nothing is happening Credit: Nottingham University Christian Union

So how does one make a Harlem Shake dance video?

  • Well the videos are around 30 seconds long featuring the beginning of the electronic song "Harlem Shake", one person, wearing either a helmet or mask dances to the song.
  • As the dance initiator begins everyone else must behave as though the dancer were not there.
  • Then as the lyrics 'do the Harlem shake' are heard the video cuts to everyone 'dancing' in a manic way wearing outrageous outfits and displaying bizarre dance moves.

Here are some of the best Harlem Shake videos from across the Midlands: