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A springlike afternoon ahead

Today should pan out fine again, just like yesterday, fine and Springlike.

By midweek however, expect a sharp reminder that we are still in the middle of February, and Spring has certainly not yet arrived.

High pressure stays in charge for much of the week, so no precipitation on the cards, but as it migrates eastwards over the next few days, the change in position creates a change in wind direction to a cold south easterly airflow.

This drags in cold air from the near continent which is itself, very chilly at this time of year. The winds also strengthen and sucks up more cloud, and that combination of cloud, stronger winds and wind direction means that it will be dry, but cloudy for the rest of the week, with a significant wind chill by weekend.

Back to today though, and after a cold night with mist and fog patches in the south of the region, it's a bit of a slow start in any mist and fog. Sunny breaks are expected though elsewhere, with light winds.

By this afternoon however, the day will pan out much like yesterday, but with lighter winds. Lots of sunshine so feeling very pleasant for the time of year.

After that, it will start to feel slightly colder on Wednesday as the winds begin to increase. Cloudier further east.Thursday, similar. Generally cloudy. Cold.

Friday, feeling much colder, but it should stay dry, with the wind chill creating a really raw feel to the end of the week.

Towards the end of the week Credit: ITV News Central

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