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Bitterly cold!

Just when we thought spring had arrived early, the cloud rolls back in along with freezing temperatures. A ridge of high pressure is building in the North Sea giving us an easterly wind that is pulling in much colder air.

Ridge of high pressure in the North Sea and the easterly wind dragging in colder air Credit: ITV News Central

Feeling much colder than yesterday this afternoon with highs of 4/5c, but feeling more like 0! We will see some holes developing in the cloud and sunny spells bursting through in southern counties. In Lincolnshire, a few snow showers are possible but they won't really amount to much.

Tonight will be cloudy with misty, murky conditions developing. Temperatures will drop below freezing with lows of -3c and a widespread ground frost. It will feel icy cold overnight in the easterly wind. Where the cloud is thick enough we can expect light, drizzly rain and snow showers in Lincolnshire.

Tomorrow will be a cloudy, cold, frosty start. Any mist patches will quickly lift and we will see some breaks in the cloud and a few sunny spells. It will remain mostly dry. The wind once again will make it feel bitterly cold with a maximum temperature of 3c.

A few sunny spells are expected tomorrow afternoon Credit: ITV News Central
Temperatures will be around 2/3c tomorrow afternoon Credit: ITV News Central

It will stay cloudy with occasional snow showers. Temperatures will be below freezing overnight and only just lifting above freezing by day.

A cold weekend is in store Credit: ITV News Central

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