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Archery to receive a funding boost in Nottinghamshire

Robin Hood statue at Nottingham Castle Photo: PA

It would make Robin Hood proud. The sport of archery is enjoying a surge in popularity in Nottinghamshire.

Archery participation is said to be growing faster in the outlaw's home county than anywhere else in the Midlands. Chris Joyce, chairman of Nottinghamshire Archery Society, said: "Since the Olympic Games, interest in archery has surged with clubs struggling to cope with the inquiries and many beginners courses filling up overnight."

It comes as the sport benefits from a slice of Nottinghamshire County Council's £1m Olympic Legacy Fund. Eight archery clubs have shared an award of £25,000 to buy new equipment.

The council set up the fund to help local sports clubs and create a legacy in the county from London 2012. The authority says it received 187 separate bids for funding worth almost £3m. It's set to approve an extra £700,000 towards the fund at it the next full council meeting on Feb 28th.

Nationally, the sport of archery has suffered a cut in funding from UK Sport since the Olympics, down from £4.4m to £3.1m. It follows a disappointing Games in which Team GB's archers failed to win a medal.