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Weekend weather forecast

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Temperatures dipped to -2c overnight last night and it's not really getting any milder over the weekend! High Pressure stays firmly in control of our weather this weekend keeping it fairly quiet but very cold. The wind is feeding in bitterly cold air adding to the chill factor.


It will be cloudy and bleak with occasional snow flurries where the cloud is thick enough. Temperatures will hit 2/3 degrees above freezing on the thermometer but will feel 2/3 degrees below freezing in the wind.


A feature spreading east to west will bring us snow showers across the East Midlands first thing before they spread further west, we could see a slight covering of snow.

It will dry out from the east through the afternoon but stay very bleak with occasional wintry showers occurring anywhere.

Once again the wind will make it feel icy cold. Saturday night temperatures will dip below freezing and we will have a widespread frost.

It will dry out from the east through the afternoon but stay very bleak
A few wintry showers are forecast in the West Midlands


Another cold day to come with occasional snow flurries. West will be best for any chance of brightness.


Temperatures will lift slightly but it will remain cold. Any precipitation will fall as rain or sleet rather than snow.

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