1. ITV Report

Shivery Saturday night. Cold and cloudy Sunday.

Icy fence in Alton. Photo: Terry Eyre

Very cold out there right now, but generally dry conditions, a dry air mass so an air frost rather than a ground frost overnight into Sunday through the Central region. Sub-zero temperatures.

Similar to yesterday, but some breaks further west. Credit: ITV Central

Sunday morning looks similar to Saturday, cloudy but with a greater chance of some sunny spells, especially further west, though this will probably prove temporary and fleeting.

Little change from the morning. Credit: ITV Central

During the afternoon, cloud continues to thicken. It will be mainly dry but cloudy, token snow flurries further east and still very cold, around 2 or 3c.

Day-by-day, "spot the difference!" Credit: ITV Central

Into the coming week, it will be largely dry, still cloudy but with temperatures recovering day-by-day, increasing a degree or so each day. More brightness for Wednesday. By night, temperatures around freezing, but not really too frosty.

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