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Turning brighter

Lake in Amington Photo: Michael Jones

After a disappointing, grey, gloomy start to the day it's an improving picture as we move through this afternoon. Clearer skies in the north of the UK are sinking southwards.

Pressure chart Credit: ITV News Central

It's going to be a slow process so southern counties of the Midlands may well remain cloudy through daylight hours, further north for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, North Lincolnshire and Staffordshire we should see some sunshine! We are seeing a gradual rise in temperature over the next few days but as for this afternoon, it will remain rather cold with highs of 5c or 6c.

Satellite image Credit: ITV News Central

The clearer skies will continue to push southwards tonight allowing temperatures to drop lower than last night. Most locations, even towns and cities will be sub zero. Across Lincolnshire a few mist and fog patches are likely to form and hang around through the first part of tomorrow.

It will be a cloudy start across southern counties but we will gradually see the sun break through the cloud to give us a fine and sunny afternoon. We will hold on the north easterly wind but in the sunshine it will feel less cold than previous days with highs of 8 or 9c.

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A cold front will move south and eastwards overnight on Thursday into Friday. There won't be much rain on it but it will introduce more cloud so expect a grey end to the week.

The weekend will be much brighter with Saturday your best bet for sunshine. It will remain dry with freezing, frosty and sometimes foggy nights.

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