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A sunny afternoon

High Pressure will hang around for Friday but a cold front will bring cloud and drizzly rain

We have plenty of cheery sunshine on offer this afternoon making it feel spring-like. What's more temperatures are back where they should be and certainly higher than we've been used to. Temperatures are topping 10c in the best of the sunshine. The wind will be fairly light and is moving in from the north-east.

Tonight a cold front will move east to west and introduce lots of cloud that will be thick enough to produce a few spots of light rain and drizzle. The cloud cover will mean temperatures won't dip too low though, holding up above freezing everywhere.

Friday will be grey and cloudy to begin with – don't be surprised to see a few spots of rain either. It will brighten up in the afternoon, we are not expecting as much sunshine as today but there will be a few breaks and some bright spells to end the week. Temperatures will be lower than today due to the lack of sunshine with highs of just 7c.

The weekend will be mostly dry with sunny spells

This weekend we will see a return to drier weather with sunny spells. Don't expect wall to wall sunshine as there will be lots of cloud around but some good breaks in that cloud too. Overnight temperatures will hit freezing and we will see some misty and foggy conditions too.

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