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It's warming up!

River Severn in Worcester Photo: Sue and Frank Hickman

Expect temperatures to rise over the coming days unfortunately we won't have the sunshine to go with them as it turns cloudier from Wednesday onwards.

High Pressure that gave us the settled weather over the weekend is slipping away eastwards and feeding in air from the south, a much milder direction, meaning we lose that biting wind from last week.

Temperatures today will reach 9c which is average for the time of year. We will all enjoy some good spells of sunshine this afternoon too with that gentle south-easterly breeze.

Pressure chart Credit: ITV News Central

The wind will ease even further and temperatures will drop to around freezing.

It will remain dry but fog patches will form overnight and linger through the first part of tomorrow for the drive to work and school.

With the low temperatures, it's likely we could see some freezing fog patches.

Once the mist and fog lifts expect some sunny spells that will continue through the afternoon.

It will feel milder than today with highs of 12c, very springlike. Then things start to go wrong from tomorrow night as the cloud builds.

Outlook for the rest of the week Credit: ITV News Central

From Wednesday onwards it will be cloudy with occasional outbreaks of rain. It will remain mild and frost-free.

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