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Warmest day of the year so far

We have a beautiful afternoon ahead of us with wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures rising to 13c. The wind coming in from the south-west is dragging in much milder air – in fact, air originating from the Mediterranean! But make sure you enjoy the sunshine today as it all goes pear shaped from tonight onwards.

A weather front is creeping our way from the south-west which will allow cloud to build and produce some patchy light rain. The cloud will act like a blanket so it won't be too cold overnight with temperatures holding up above freezing meaning it will be frost free.

We will wake up tomorrow to cloudy, grey skies and patchy light rain on and off through the morning. The driest weather will be in the East Midlands. Despite the cloud and drizzle temperatures will still reach 10c although it will be breezier than today.

Looking further ahead and one weather front after another will move through from the south-west bringing cloud and patchy rain through the rest of this week and the weekend. Then from Monday it looks as though it will turn colder once again with the risk of seeing some snow.

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