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Unsettled few days ahead and turning cooler

The latest satellite image Photo: ITV News Central

Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far for some of us but it's all change as we head through the next few days. One weather front after another will move in from the south-west as we head towards the weekend bringing lots of cloud and outbreaks of light rain.

The current weather front Credit: ITV News Central

The satellite image shows a blanket of cloud sitting right across us. We really won't see much sunshine as we move through this afternoon. Instead it will be grey and gloomy with lower temperatures than yesterday. Expect highs of 8/9c.

Tonight the next weather front rolls in with more cloud and light rain. The cloud will act like a blanket though so it won't get too cold. Expect a frost-free night with lows of around 5c.

Tomorrow we do it all again with cloudy skies and outbreaks of light rain and drizzle. The rain really won't amount to much - it will just be drizzly and quite annoying. Tomorrow's temperatures will be similar to today with highs of 8/9c. It will always be cooler on the east coast with temperatures only reaching around 4/5c.

Cloud and rain is forecast for the weekend Credit: ITV News Central

Friday and the weekend look similar with cloud and light rain the main theme, sunshine will be at a premium. With low cloud overnight hill fog will be an issue and we will see fog forming around the North Sea coast too. Temperatures will begin to fall away over the weekend. So far Mother's Day looks to be grey and damp and feeling cooler too.

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