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Day 18 of the Derby house fire trial

A court illustration of Mairead Philpott Photo: ITV News Central

The jury heard that during an interview with Derbyshire Police, Mairead Philpott said that hours before the fire, she had been watching TV with her daughter Jade and son Duwayne at about 7:30 pm.The other 4 children went upstairs to sleep. Mick Philpott had been playing snooker with his friend 'Shakey'.

The court heard that Mick Philpott had gone upstairs to see his children at 9:30pm on the night of the fire. Jade and Duwayne went to sleep at around 10:30pm. The jury heard that later in the evening, Mr and Mrs Philpott and a friend of Paul Mosley had gone out to buy cannabis for Mr Mosley. Mr Mosley stayed at home to look after the children

During the police interview, Mairead Philpott said that before she and Mick Philpott went to sleep, they were both very happy and positive about the following day. She said they were due to attend a custodyhearing in connection with the 5 children Mick Philpott had fathered with his former partner Lisa Willis.

Mrs Philpott told Sgt James that she was asleep with Mr Philpott when they were woken up by the sound of a 'constant screaming' smoke alarm. She shouted: 'What the hell's going on?'

The jury heard that when Mick Philpott opened a door from the kitchen to the front room, Mrs Philpott saw a bright, white light. She heard a loud pop similar to the sound of an empty crisps packet being burst and 'huge orange flames'. The flames were up to the ceiling and were 'gushing through'.

Under police interview, Mrs Philpott said her husband Mick Philpott dialled 999, gave her the phone and then climbed a ladder up to a bedroom window. She said he punched and kicked it and then used atennis racket to smash the window. That was unsuccessful so he used a monkey wrench instead.

The court heard that Mairead Philpott spoke to the emergency services while Mr Philpott tried to break the window. She told the operator: Tthere's a fire and my 6 children are in there'.

During a police interview, Mairead Philpott was asked: 'How did the fire start?'

"Mrs Philpott replied: 'Don't know'

Sgt James: 'You know nothing about it'

Mrs Philpott: 'No'Sgt James: 'Have you had a fallout with anyone recently'

Mrs Philpott : 'No, only Lisa's sister'

Sgt James: 'And that's the only person you can think of who might have a grudge?'

Mrs Philpott replied: 'Yes'

Mairead Philpott told police that she saw her husband being restrained by 5 or 6 officers because he wanted to get into the house after seeing his daughter, Jade, being brought out.

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