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Big changes ahead

Turning wintry this weekend Photo: Andrew Hudson

We wave 'goodbye' to the milder weather this weekend. It's the forerunner to a bitterly cold week with widespread frosts, daytime temps barely above freezing and an evil wind chill.

Overview satellite Credit: ITV News Central

Quite a wet end to Friday, with a band of rain pushing northwards from the SW. The heaviest rain on this is towards the eastern end of the front and therefore the E and NE of the Central region will see the heaviest rain throughout the rest of today, 10-15mm rain likely in places by the end of the day. Lots of cloud overhead, mild temps 8 to 10c, 50f and some mist in places, especially spilling in across the east coast and over hills.

Tonight, the heaviest rain continues to affect the E and NE of the Central region. Elsewhere, the rain proves lighter and more showery in nature. Fairly mild at 4 or 5c and quite misty, but not as bad as last night. We are mainly talking hill fog and mist.

Tomorrow temperatures pick up briefly in the morning, then drop off during the afternoon to introduce more of a wintry element to the forecast.

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