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Snow warning for some, power cuts possible tonight.

Winter isn't quite done with us yet. The Met Office yellow "Be Aware" warning for snow runs until midnight tonight for parts of the region.

There is also the risk of power cuts tonight. Yes, because of the weather.

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For the rest of today, showers fall initially as rain as a front pushes SW'wards, but these showers are already turning to sleet or snow on the back edge as bitter easterly winds tuck in behind. 4c to 6c at best this afternoon.

There could be some hefty snowfalls this evening through Staffordshire and the Peak District, Derbyshire and these will continue through the night.

Not all parts will be affected by the snow. As the band of precipitation pushes SW'wards it becomes patchier so the SW of the region may well still be dry and cloudy by tomorrow morning. Rain and sleet could fall just about anywhere; but above 200m we can expect up to 10cm snow by the end of the night. Nearer 2 to 5cm at lower levels. Fairly breezy too.

Tomorrow, flurries continue, heavier ones further west, but more flurries off the North Sea later. These should be lighter than tonight. Bitterly cold. Icy Sunday afternoon.

There is alot of moisture in the air at the moment and because of that we expect ice secretions on power lines, and this may lead to power cuts within the next 24hours.

Rain turning increasingly wintry as it pushes SW'wards. Credit: ITV Central

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