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Greatest risk of snow today

Weaver Hills, Staffordshire Photo: Terry Eyre

We've had a few snow flurries this morning through parts of the region, leaving a dusting in places. Today is the most significant day of the week in terms of snow risk and wind chill.

The flurries are light, but well banded together in a rough line from the Wash, through the south Midlands and south Wales. The flurries shouldn't settle. Further north, it will be drier and brighter, with good spells of bright, wintry sunshine, as indeed there will be inbetween any showers further south.

The snow showers are blowing in off the North Sea across the east coast of England, but the wind is strong enough to blow the snow showers across to the western side of the Central area.

Snow in Staffordshire this morning Credit: ITV News Central

With that strong wind comes a bitter wind chill, highs already struggling to get above freezing, when they should be around 7 or 8c... actually feeling like minus 6 or minus 7c when you add on the wind chill.

A couple of snow showers continue after dark but it's a bit hit and miss as to whether you see them or not; clear either side of the showers, but they are most likely to affect parts of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

Too windy for a frost tonight. Watch for icy stretches though. Temps tumble to lows of minus 1 to minus 4c, but feeling much colder again in the strong wind.

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