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Turning unsettled

Attenborough Photo: ITV News Central

We've got cloudy and wet weather heading our way for Friday and the weekend. Between now and then it's going to be cold with snow showers for some.

Radar image showing band of rain Credit: ITV News Central

The snow showers will be focussed in the East Midlands, stretching inland as far as Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. The snow won't really settle with the sunny spells in between the showers, melting it fairly quickly. Elsewhere will be dry, fairly cloudy but with some sunny spells. The wind is gentle today but coming in from a cold direction so you will notice the wind chill.

Tonight any showers will die away but it will be icy in the East. Everywhere will be below freezing with a widespread frost. The cloud will be patchy with clearer spells developing which good news for tomorrow...

Pressure chart across the region Credit: ITV News Central

We start the day with plenty of cheery sunshine. It will be dry too. However through the afternoon the sunshine will turn hazy from the north-west. The south and east staying brightest for longest. In Shropshire and Staffordshire we are likely to see some drizzly rain. Temperature wise it will feel very much like today with highs of 6c.

Friday will be start dry but cloudy, wet and windy weather will reach all parts by the end of the day.

Outlook for the West Midlands Credit: ITV News Central

The rain will hang around for much of Saturday before gradually drying out from the north-west. Sunday will bring us more cloud and rain and below average temperatures.

So far it looks like the cool unsettled weather will last into next week.

Outlook for the East Midlands Credit: ITV News Central

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