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Snow showers for some tonight, fog for others, icy for all.

Latest radar picture showing the system in the east which brings wintry showers overnight. Photo: ITV Central

We have a complicated set up for tonight's weather.

The almost vertical band of precipitation you see out to the east, running through Suffolk, pushes northwards tonight, then pivots into the north and east of the region.

Couple of cm snow likely to accumulate over the Lincolnshire Wolds. Credit: ITV Central

So tonight we have a SW / NE split.

Rain, sleet and snow will affect the NE'ern portion of the Central region, running through Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire giving some accumulations over the Wolds, maybe a couple of cm.

More importantly, beware icy stretches as temps fall.

Drier elsewhere and clearer, but this allows the opportunity for fog to develop and it could prove fairly dense, lows below freezing out to the W and SW, and out in the countryside.

Tomorrow we'll see rain, sleet and snow showers across the north of the region, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, the Peak District.

From Birmingham southwards, sunny spells and scattered showers, mainly of rain. Temp 5 or 6c, 43f.

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