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Why is it so wet and cold?

Low pressure Photo: ITV News Central

It's the most asked question today on Twitter and in our newsroom. Why is it so wet and cold?

There are several elements that are in play giving us the cold, cloudy and at times wet conditions.

Firstly Low Pressure is dominating our weather, it's just not going anywhere infact it's been hanging around since last week and tied up in it is cloud and wintry showers. Plus the cold easterly wind is circulating around the Low adding to the chill factor.

Low pressure close up Credit: ITV News Central

You might also want to move your brolly to one side and look up for more answers. Because the Jet Stream is causing us problems.

The Jet Stream sits in the upper atmosphere and is a big river of air travelling at a serious speed! It's job is to balance the colder air of the poles and the warmer air of the tropics and it's position is governed by the spin of the earth.

Next 24 hours Credit: ITV News Central

Where it sits determines what our weather will be like. For example in the summer it normally sits north of the UK directing areas of Low Pressure and bad weather further north. At the moment it's sitting further south than it should be and is allowing all the unsettled, cold conditions to head our way.

So no sign of Spring just yet but we will keep you posted!

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