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Fed up with the snow?

Rufus fed up with the snow Photo: Brent Jones

No sign of any let up in the cold weather, but things should begin to improve today from the north.

Still quite cloudy right now for all parts of the Central region – beware icy stretches where there is lying snow, with a few wintry flurries continuing. They will however become more isolated through the morning as the front remains in situ, dying out as the day wears on.

By this afternoon, still lots of cloud around but also a lot of dry weather, a few bright or drier spells developing to the north east towards Lincolnshire. Cold easterly wind making temperatures feel well below freezing.

Little change over the next few days but snow showers more likely to blow in from the east, so Lincolnshire may see more of the white stuff.

Winds will ease a little. We expect night frosts, and although the weather remains cold right up until Easter, the outlook is much improved on the last few days. It will at least be mostly dry.

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