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Last night's regional statistics. Hazardous drifting snow and ice.

Car stuck in drifting snow in Cheadle, Staffordshire. Photo: Terry Eyre

Central is the coldest part of the country today and last night was windy and wintry.

Below are the maximum recorded gusts, snow depths and minimum temperatures from weather stations around the region.

Please bear in mind that there may be deeper snow depths across parts of the Central region, but these are not where the Met Office has data recorders.

A further 1 to 3cm snow is expected across our parts this afternoon, but we are more concerned now not just with what is coming out of the sky, but with drifting snow. The wind is so strong that it's having a drying effect on lying snow, and that is then blowing around in strong winds and hampering visibility.

The associated ice hazard is also one to watch as the penetratingly cold weather set up continues.

Temperatures today around freezing, but feeling like -6 or -7c in the wind chill.

UK wide:

  • Coldest night temperature -4.2c Lake Vyrnwy (Wales)
  • Snow depths 24cm Wittering (Cambridgeshire)
  • Strongest gust 53knots 61mph Warcop Range (Cumbria)

Region wide:

Minimum temperatures.

  • Pennerley, Shropshire -4c
  • Leek, Staffordshire -3.7c
  • Winterbourne, West Midlands -2.7c
  • Keele, Staffordshire -2.6c
  • Northampton Moulton Park -2.6c
  • Hereford & Worcester -2.5c
  • Watnall, Nottingham -2.5c
  • Coleshill, Warwickshire -2.4c
  • Coventry -2.3c
  • Lincolnshire -1.8c
Drifting snow is currently a hazard. Credit: Terry Eyre

Snow Depths:

  • Watnall, Nottingham 19cm
  • Shropshire 14cm
  • Lincolnshire 10cm
  • Staffordshire 7cm
  • Warwickshire 6cm
  • Hereford & Worcester 6cm

Maximum gusts:

  • Donna Nook, Lincolnshire 46mph
  • Leek, Staffordshire 44mph

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