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Pupils from two schools stranded on Scottish island

More than 30 sixth form students from two schools in Wolverhampton have been stranded on the Isle of Arran off the West Coast of Scotland because of the severe weather.

They are on a geography field trip from the St Edmund's Catholic School and St Peter's Collegiate School in Compton Park.

The 34 students have been without power all weekend and have not been able to contact their friends and family at home.

Snow drifts and severe gales have left much of the island without power or phone lines, and ferries on and off the island had to be cancelled.

Head teacher of St Edmund's, Diedre Finucane, says the group are expected to board a ferry back to the mainland at 2:00pm today, with the students due back in Wolverhampton sometime this evening.

A specially adapted coach with snow wheels has been dispatched to get the group to their ferry. She says the pupils have been helping the Royal Navy deliver food parcels to residents on the island, with some also helping to clear the driveways of locals using snow shovels.

The schools have been keeping parents up to date by sending out text messages to keep them informed of the school trip's predicament.

Mrs Finucane has praised the students and their parents for acting calmly and responsibly and hopes that everyone should be back today, weather permitting.