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Strong wind, feeling very cold, watch for drifting snow and icy stretches

Expect more brain freeze today as the wind chill persists, and the strong easterly set up continues as far ahead as Easter by the look of it.

The jetstream is stuck well to the south of us, with a large area of high pressure to the north sucking in cold air strongly from Scandinavia which is penetratingly cold.

This morning, mainly dry and bright, but cloudier further south with an odd snow flurry.

This afternoon, more sunshine on the cards but that in itself sparks one or two flurries, however they won't amount to much and will be few and far between.

Temps will reach 2 or 3c – better than of late but it will still feel more like a raw -4c.

Today's sunshine could encourage snow melt but then that will refreeze overnight with cold, frosty nights continuing throughout the coming week, still feeling like sub-zero values.

West / east split for much of the week, brighter in the west. Snow showers feeding into the east off the North Sea. Just odd flurries, nothing that should settle.

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