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Sports ground closed after travellers illegally set up camp in car park

A council-run sports ground in Nottinghamshire has been closed after travellers illegally set up camp in the car park. Five caravans moved onto Gresham Pavilion in West Bridgford on Tuesday morning.

Rushcliffe Borough Council says it decided to close the facility on health and safety grounds. It's meant several local football and rugby teams have had to cancel fixtures and training sessions.

Gresham Pavilion has closed because of the travellers Credit: ITV News Central

Nottingham Touch Rugby club has just begun a six-week drive to get more people playing the sport. They were due to hold their first taster session at Gresham Sports Ground yesterday night, but had to move it to Nottingham Trent University. Fewer people turned up, they say, as a result.

We're very annoyed basically. What right have people to prevent us from using it? It's a public facility, it's booked, and we've paid for it.

– Joanna simon, nottingham touch rugby club
Sessions which were meant to be held at the sports ground have had to change venue Credit: ITV News Central

The council says the caravans slipped onto the site when the pavilion barriers were up to allow in buses bringing pupils to nearby Emmanuel School. The authority and Nottinghamshire Police are now talking to the travellers in an effort to get them to leave.