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A mainly dry, bright and sunny but cold Easter Weekend

Cleobury Lane, Evesham - water from the roadside being splashed onto the bushes by the passing cars and then freezing. Photo: Tony Watson, Stechford

For once, I don't think the Bank Holiday weekend will seem long enough!

Some good spells of sunshine forecast, fairly light winds, temperatures still below par but better than they have been.

Compacted snow is still a problem in places. This is inclined to melt in the sun by day, but refreeze at night.

Easter Sunday will probably be the most favourable feeling day of the weekend with the best sunshine and the lightest winds. Wind speeds increase slightly on Easter Monday and Tuesday, but it should still stay bright. Icy nights.

For the rest of Good Friday, continuing fine, a few wintry flurries blowing in across The Wash. Dry and bright elsewhere, tops 5c 41f, well below the average 10 or 11c, but better than they have been of late.

Little changing overnight. On the whole, dry and clear, odd flurries in the far east. Lows down to minus 2c, minus 6c rurally. Turning icy as snowmelt refreezes.

Fine again tomorrow!

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