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Philpott trial: read the key quotes from the six week case

Mick and Mairad Philpott and Paul Mosley in court Photo: ITV News Central


Prosecution Richard Latham QC cross examining Mick Philpott Credit: ITV News Central

"This was a plan that went horribly wrong and resulted in total tragedy."

"The fire was set inside the house. It's an 'inside job' - not the result of an attack from outside."

"We say Michael Philpott was the 'prime mover' and 'dominant player' in this unlawful and highly dangerous enterprise."

Mick Philpott’s Defence Barrister ANTHONY ORCHARD QC

Defence barrister for Mick Philpott Anthony Orchard QC Credit: ITV News Central

"This is not a TV trial. Not Judge Judy that you can laugh about afterwards."

"This is a trial by smear & scandal. Motive. What motive? Does it not make more sense that someone else did this to him?"

Mairead Philpott’s Defence Barrister SHAUN SMYTH QC

Defence barrister for Mairead Philpott Shaun Smyth QC Credit: ITV News Central

"If Mick Philpott had a plan it did not involve Mairead."

Mick Philpott

Mick Philpott appearing in the dock Credit: ITV News Central
Mick Philpott collapsing in the dock when the 999 audio recording was played in court Credit: ITV News Central

"I express my views. They (people) either love me or hate me."

"Ladies & Gentlemen of the jury. I did not light that fire. Nor did my wife."

"If I had my chance now, I'd chop my arms off to get my kids back."

Mairead Philpott

Mairead Philpott giving evidence in the dock Credit: ITV News Central

"Mick was my Guardian Angel. He was someone who cared for me and loved me, and made me feel safe."

Heather Kehoe

Former partner of Mick Philpott standing outside court Credit: ITV News Central

Heather Kehoe is a former partner of Mick Philpott who left him & with whom he was later involved in a bitter custody dispute.

"Mick Philpott is like Jekyll & Hyde. Everything had to be his way. I soon learned what his way was. He was violent. He would hit me or lash out."

"This trial is not about revenge. It's about people needing to know what sort of person he (Mick Philpott) is."

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