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When will it warm up?

Sheep enjoying spring Photo: PA

Not this week! High pressure is still sitting to the north and dominating our weather, it's dragging in an easterly wind and air from a cold origin. This means even with the sunshine through this afternoon it's going to feel cold.

On a positive note it should stay dry through today with some good spells of sunshine.

Tonight is a perfect night for stargazers with clearing skies, it will be cold though with temperatures dropping below freezing everywhere. In the countryside we are likely to see lows of -4c. A widespread frost is expected overnight.

The clearer spells overnight mean a sunny start to tomorrow, blue sky and sunshine for most of us. Again it will feel cold and the wind will pick up through the day too adding to the chill factor. The weather map states that temperatures will reach 8c but it will feel much colder than that in the wind.

The sunny spells will continue through this week but so will the below average temperatures. It will remain windy until Friday before the high pressure slips further west and the wind eases and comes in directly from the north (another cold direction!)

It looks like temperatures will start recovering early next week but with that will come more unsettled weather. As usual we can't have it all!

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