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Mick Philpott's previous convictions heard in court before sentencing

Mick Philpott in the dock Photo: ITV News Central

In 1991 Mick Philpott was given a conditional discharge for 'Actual Bodily Harm' after head-butting a fellow worker at a bakery.

In 2010 Mick Philpott was cautioned by police after slapping his wife Mairead twice in the face and dragging her from the house by her hair.

He told police he'd done it after Mairead had hit one of their children.

Mick Philpott in the dock earlier in the trial Credit: ITV News Central

On the 3rd May 2012, Mick Philpott pleaded guilty to common assault following a 'road rage' incident on 30th November 2011.

On that occasion he attacked a driver called Jonathan Welham in Uttoxeter Road, Derby. He punched him in the face.

Initially, Philpott told police that it was he who had been assaulted by Mr Welham.

At one point Justice Thirwall intervened the prosecution saying: 'Something of a theme we've seen elsewhere.'

The prosecution has in the light of yesterday's verdict asked for the road rage incident not to be proceeded with.

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