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It's slowly turning milder!

We are slowly seing signs of the weather changing. High pressure to the north of us which has been dragging in that cold north easterly wind from the Arctic seems to have been stuck there for ever, but it will gradually move southwards through the weekend and next week.

As it does so we will lose that easterly airflow and gain a southerly wind which will pull in milder air. It is a gradual change so expect the cold temperatures to hang around into the weekend and the start of next week.

By Tuesday we are expecting 10c with temperatures rising further by this time next week, back to where we expect them to be this time of year - around 12c.

High pressure to the north that is dragging in the cold wind will sink southwards Credit: ITV News Central

As for this afternoon it will remain very cloudy with occasional brighter spells. The best of the brightness will be further north but where the cloud is thick enough don't be surprised to see a few sleet and snow showers blowing around in the wind.

Talking of wind, it will be cold. It's still coming in from the North East and making it feel more like 2/3c.

Tonight will be dry and the wind will prevent temperatures from dropping too below freezing, they will however hover around freezing for most of us so expect a frost.

Tomorrow morning will be frosty and quite cloudy with showers in North Lincolnshire blowing in off the north sea. Temperatures could hit 7c but it will feel so much colder in that icy wind.

The outlook over the weekend and into next week Credit: ITV News Central

The weekend looks to be dry and bright with occasional sunny spells. It will still feel cold though even though the wind will be lighter.

Next week as the temperature starts to rise we pay for it with more unsettled conditions.

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