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When will it finally warm up?

Moseley Bog Photo: Tony Watson

The temperature is finally heading in the right direction, unfortunately it still won't feel like it this weekend as it's a very slow process. So what exactly is happening? Well the high pressure sitting to the north of us has been pulling in that easterly wind making it feel so cold. That High Pressure is now slipping southwards and by the start of next week will be replaced with low pressure in the west and it's this that will make all the difference to our weather.

The low pressure will pull in a southerly wind which will instantly make it feel less cold as the air will have a milder origin. The wind will also be lighter. The downside to the low pressure is it will allow weather fronts to move in from the south-west. So it might start to feel less cold but we will pay for that with cloud and rain!

Showing the high pressure to the north that is responsible for the cold weather

The weekend doesn't look too bad though, we will certainly see some sunshine and it will remain dry. The wind will be lighter too so it won't feel as cold. Sunday especially will feel quite spring-like in any sunny spells. Expect highs around 8/9c, still 4c below what we would expect but better than of late!

Outlook for Sunday and next week

From Monday onwards the rain will arrive but temperatures will climb. By this time next week we could see above average temperatures in the high teens!

In summary the weather is changing to warmer but more unsettled conditions. We can't have it all!

Low pressure will replace the High and give us lighter, milder winds but cloud and rain too.

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