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Clouding over from the west throughout today. Turning cold and unsettled.

Felley Priory, Nottinghamshire in the sunshine. Photo: Alan Metheringham

Looks like summer out there! For now.

It will soon be clouding over today, and 'blustery showers' are back in the forecast for the coming week with - disappointingly - no real change in temperatures.

The remnants of high pressure are just about holding on today, but the high is moving away overnight.

For the rest of today then, clouding over from the west, the east clinging to the sun for longest. We match yesterday's highs of 10c 50f, but because there will be less sun and a stronger wind, it will feel colder.

Tonight, we have early mins, lows falling below freezing to give a frost, but because of increasing cloud and winds, temperatures will rise through the night, so we won't wake to a hard covering of white tomorrow.

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