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'Cursed' doll goes under the hammer in auction of horrors

The 'Devil Doll' Photo: ITV News Central

The Circus of Horrors, the show that made it into the finals of Britain's Got Talent in 2011 is selling one of its stars - a ventriloquist's doll. It is going on sale at the Old Elephant House in Leamington Spa today.

While the circus was on tour a number of freak events and accidents convinced the cast and crew that the Doll was cursed. The vehicles that carried the Doll unexpectedly blew up and in October 2011 it appeared in a section of the show where a neon sword ripped a hole in a performer's oesophagus - putting him in intensive care for a month.

The neon sword is also in the auction and will be sold along with 7 metal coat hangers which were swallowed and bent inside a performer to complete a Guinness World Record attempt.