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Transition day tomorrow. The coming week will be wet and windy.

Remnants of high pressure just about holding on, but moving away tonight. Photo: ITV Central

No likelihood of things warming up in the near future.

The high pressure that has been dominating is still just about hanging on by a thread, but it starts to pull away tonight and into tomorrow, allowing more cloud a look in.

Tomorrow is the transition day and low pressure slides into the driving seat.

Low pressure dominates, settling over the southern half of England. Credit: ITV Central

By midweek, this big bullseye low slips squarely over the southern half of the UK, maintaining the unsettled and windy weather.

No real improvement in temperatures either this coming week which is disappointing.

The jetstream is now slightly further north than it was, skirting the low pressure system which is starting in across us, and that encourages the flow of showers or longer pulses of blustery rain which will push through this week.

Weather outlook for locations across the ITV Central region. Credit: ITV Central

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