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Transition day: Wet and windy week ahead

Skies clouding over behind a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Photo: Paul Wilde

After a frosty night and sunny weekend with temperatures in double figures, Monday starts cloudier.

Limited sunny spells, increasing winds. Credit: ITV Central

Monday also marks the transition between drier, more settled weather and windier, wetter weather.

Feeling cooler than weekend. Credit: ITV Central

There will be some sunshine on offer today, but because we have more cloud around and stronger winds it will feel colder today.

Low pressure in charge throughout. No sign of getting warmer. Credit: ITV Central

The next few days will be unsettled and cloudy with showers or longer pulses of rain. Windy also. Feeling rather unpleasant, but no night frosts at least.

Weather outlook for locations across the ITV Central region. Credit: ITV Central

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