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April showers

Pulling in wet and windy weather

April is throwing unsettled and cold weather in our direction over the next few days before it turns drier, brighter and warmer for Saturday. So some light at the end of this dark tunnel!

So why is Spring still hiding from us? Well low pressure is part to blame sitting to the south pulling in cloud, rain and at times a strong wind too. The wind today is also coming in from a cold easterly direction adding to the chill factor.

This afternoon the emphasis is on cloudy but dry weather with occasional brighter spells. There are some bits and pieces of rain knocking around though. Temperatures are struggling even in any sunny spells at 8/9c, still a few degrees below average for April.

Tonight we hold onto the patchy rain in the east at first before it slowly moves off into the North Sea leaving everywhere dry with patchy cloud. The clearer skies allowing temperatures to drop close to freezing point. A ground frost is expected tonight too. The wind will ease overnight and that means we could see a few mist patches forming by dawn.

Raining moving in Wednesday night

Tomorrow will be cloudy first thing with a few spots of rain blowing in off the North Sea in the North and East but mostly dry elsewhere. The sunny spells will be reserved for the North in the afternoon as the cloud builds from the South-West. That's ahead of a band of rain that's moving our way tomorrow evening. It will spread north through our region tomorrow night it could be heavy and will be windy too.

That sets the scene for a wet Thursday morning before it turns more settled in the afternoon. Friday looks brighter with some April Showers. Saturday so far looks dry, bright and warmer as milder air moves in from the south.

How the end of the week is shaping up

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