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Temperatures are rising!

Temperatures are slowing creeping up as we move towards the weekend. Low pressure is in control and pulling in various weather fronts including a warm front on Saturday night that will drag in milder air from the South.

By Sunday we could see highs of 17c. That doesn't necessarily mean BBQ weather though as I'll explain later.

Back to today and we have two weather fronts bothering us, one moving North Eastwards giving us the cloud and patchy rain, and a second coming in from Wales mainly impacting the North Midlands bringing more rain.

There may be a few brighter spells here and there but that could trigger some showers which are likely to be heavy and thundery. Expect highs today of 12c and a light wind.

Tonight the rain will push off into the North Sea and the showers will fizzle out to eventually leave us with a dry night. A few mist patches are likely, but it should be frost-free with lows of 4/5c.

Heavy showers will extend North-East tomorrow Credit: ITV News Central

By breakfast time showery rain will make headway from the South-West and will extend Northwards through the day. The showers wil be slow moving in the light wind and heavy too. Anywhere could hear a rumble of thunder!

Friday night will be dry but cold with clearing skies, which leads us into a dry start to Saturday. However through the day more rain will move in from the South-West and it will be windy too. That rain will pull in much milder air setting us up for a warm Sunday with highs of 17c. The West Midlands will be quite cloudy with occasional spots of light rain, the East will be drier with a better chance of brightness but it will be breezy for us all.

Outlook for East Midlands Credit: ITV News Central
Outlook for West Midlands Credit: ITV News Central

Next week temperatures will return to average and it will remain unsettled with April showers.

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