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Arthritic cat takes to the treadmill

Coco the cat Photo: ITV News Central

Coco the cat's nine lives were running out.

She had arthritis, a pronounced limp, and had been run over by a car.

But now she's got the spring back in her paws, thanks to a hydrotherapy pool.

Coco has had ten sessions at the Avondale Veterinary Centre in Wellsbourne in Warwickshire.

At nearly 16 years old, she is in her nineties in human years, but she's taken to it like a duck to water.

Staff say the buoyancy has taken the strain off her joints and the exercise is strengthening them.

Owner Colette Inman says Coco no longer limps and can climb furniture and trees. She says she's a different cat.A paddling puss? Who would have thought it!