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A northwest/southeast split over the coming days

Low pressure feeds fronts in from the northwest. High Pressure to the south allows fairly mild air to push up. Photo:

For the first half of this week we're in a fairly seasonal set up - Low Pressure to the north of the UK over Iceland and High Pressure to the south, bringing a heatwave for parts of Europe. This is going to do two things for us...

1) Feed in fairly mild air to the southeast but...

2) Feed in weather fronts from the north & west, weakening as they get nearer to the High Pressure.

For us in the midlands this means that there will be quite a bit of cloud around over the next few days, as a series of fronts bring 'some' rain south but weakening as they do so.

There will be sunny spells in between these fronts with some fairly respectable temperatures for mid-late April. By Wednesday the thermometer could reach above 18C in the south.

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