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Prince Harry tries out a Midlands accent

Harry was in Nottingham today Photo: ITV News Central

Prince Harry has been in Nottingham today opening the new headquarters of the charity Headway which helps people who've suffered head injuries. While he was there he tried out a bit of the local language.

"Ay up me duck" is a traditional East Midlands greeting which means hello.

Other Midlands phrases include:

It's black over Bill's mother - it looks like rain.

Chuck - throw (Chuck us a ball)

Croggie - an (illegal) crossbar ride, "two-up" on the crossbar of a man's bicycle

Cob - a bread roll

Jitty - alleyway

Mardy - grumpy, sulky

Mash - to make a pot of tea (i.e. "I'll go and mash the tea.")

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