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Weather: Turning cooler!

Redditch today Photo: Angie Guy

A weather front is sinking south and eastwards through today introducing cooler air from the north and also lots of cloud and patchy rain too. It means the weather will have a different feel by tomorrow, with temperatures a few degrees lower and a cold wind by the weekend too.

The outlook for the weekend Credit: ITV News Central

At the moment the south-east of the region is still in the warmer air mass and and here we will see some sunny spells too. Elsewhere expect cloud and patchy rain through the afternoon. Temperatures will be around 12 or 13c.

Rain will clear by tomorrow leaving us with showers Credit: ITV News Central

This evening the rain will continue it's journey southwards and will become heavier and more persistant before it turns drier from the north. It's in northern counties we will see the lowest temperatures with lows of 1 or 2c in rural spots and a touch of ground frost expected too.

By tomorrow morning the cloud and rain should have cleared to leave us with some sunny spells to start the day. There will be a few showers knocking around but they will be fairly well scattered. It will feel fresher than of late with highs of 11 or 12c.

Tomorrow East Midlands afternoon chart Credit: ITV News Central

Expect a cold frosty night tomorrow and a chill in the air on Saturday morning! It should be bright though but showers will develop through the day and could be heavy too. The wind will be stronger and colder on Saturday coming in off the North Sea, so it will feel particularly chilly on the east coast.

Sunday will be bright to begin with but cloud will build through the day. Even so as the wind will be lighter and it will be dry it will feel less cold.

Tomorrow West Midlands afternoon chart Credit: ITV News Central

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