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Remaining fine today. Much milder by Monday.

Daffs in the sun at Dudley Priory. Photo: Karen Styles

Well, a much improved day considering how it started, and things only getting milder and brighter as the Bank Holiday Weekend progresses!

Any earlier showers should have all pulled away SE'wards now so for the rest of today, it should just remain sunny and generally dry, highs feeling warm at 15c or 16c, 61f with only light winds.

This evening continues fine and clear, but cloud thickens from the SW through the early hours and although it won't be a cold night, lows 6c or 7c, it will turn misty over the hilltops and could prove quite murky by the end of the night.

Sunday - a grey start, but brighter later with light winds and highs of 17 or 18c, though any sunny spells will not be too prolonged.

Monday - stays fine. We will be in a warm sector so cloudy at first, brighter later and feeling warm in the sun. A good end to the Bank Holiday with temperatures several degrees above the seasonal average of 15c at 20c, 68f or even 21c, 70f.

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