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An Unsettled week with thunder and hail in places today

Photo of Markeaton Park, Derby Photo: Andrew Hudson

A few uncertainties in the forecast right now, but with low pressure in charge, one thing's for sure it will be an unsettled, cool and blustery week.

The rest of today sees a good scattering of showers and it'll be breezy everywhere so the showers will at least blow through quite quickly.

Sunny spells inbetween, but showers will be heaviest in the north with hail and thunder. Temperatures are suppressed, highs below par at 12 to 14c, 57f, but the breeze and showers have a knock on effect and it will feel much cooler.

Showers continue through the evening, then die out for many overnight. Just one or two showers trickling in to the NW Midlands through the Cheshire Gap. There may be a touch of frost under clearer skies, lows 3 or 4c.

Tree pollen counts today are low in the showers, rising to moderate in any sunny spells inbetween.

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