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Is this the best money-saving family in Britain?

The family are building their own extension to save money Photo:

Many families are under increasing pressure from rising living costs and falling incomes meaning it is more important than ever to watch the pennies.

Tomorrow could see one Midlands household crowned Britain's most money savvy family in a national competition.

The family of six had to move from their rented home to a two bedroomed property

Eighteen months ago Julie Abell and family had to move from their rented home into a two bedroomed house, all six of them. The solution they found was to double the size of it, using favours and their own 12 hands to keep the cost down. **

"We are building the extension in our own time and on a small budget so and we're very reliant on friends helping us one of the things that we do is that Woody's in the building trade and he can swap skills with other builders who will come and do a job for him and then vice versa he'll do a job for them. So we are reliant on people helping us" **

Dedication to DIY is one example of the prudence that has seen them through to the final of a contest to find Britain's most money savvy family.**

"When you're feeding six people on a small income you do have to think twice before you spend money - is this sensible. I don't do all my grocery shopping in one place. That doesn't mean I traipse around four or five different shops - I do one big internet order a month then I'll pop to the local market to get my fruit and veg."**

The family save money in all areas from extending their home to food shopping

The range in the kitchen is a second-hand giveaway, the herbs in the pot are home grown, and while money doesn't grow on trees much of the water for the building work falls from the sky. **

"I am surprised to have got this far because it feels to us like everything we do is the way that most people live these days - thinking about how they spend money and perhaps being a little more careful about than we used to be".**

The prize is £5,000 in vouchers. They have not decided how exactly to spend it but in this house you can be sure not a penny will be wasted. **